Jun 18, 2010

Chance encounters

We want explanations for everything-the cause and effect of rising Naxalism in India, the answers at the back of the Accounts text book in details, why Rahul never got together with Anjali in his college days...But some things in life just can't be explained. And when you realize how much they can affect you, you don't even want an explanation. 

You're sitting there in Hard Rock Cafe in a city that is not home for either of you. And you're talking. And the talking doesn't stop and neither of you want it to. Someone sings, the other laughs. Someone starts to talk about an uncomfortable topic(or so they think) but only the one who initiated that seems to find it uncomfortable and shuts up. Sipping on their drinks and stealing glances. An occasional blush. And something else. That factor which makes you hate your aunt for calling you up in the middle of this chance encounter with this handsome 'stranger' who seems to be making a place for himself in your life without your being able to, or even wanting to object. You must say Goodbye but you want to try and incorporate another plan for the night ignoring the fact that 'Junkyard Groove' would not be on your cards that night. You step out after obliging him to pay for you for lack of funds at the time. The hug. The anticipated hug that just does it for you. You know you don't want to let go. But you do. And you walk in opposite directions. And smile. 


Piyush Singh said...

Encounters like these happen pretty often. It is just the matter of time or you can say, keenness to go beyond the phrase 'Chance Encounter' and look for other prospects. sets things apart. In this case, your perception about things have accentuated the beauty of this destined moment, rather encounter.

Beautifully written :)

kittu said...

true that we want an explanation for everything but we dont want to give explanations for everything......

I always wondered what is the rite thing to do when you can explain something to your friend but it will only bring sorrow to them.

and pertaining to ur last paragraph, i wudnt want it any different man, i wud like those things to happen in that sequence including the call from the aunt hehe. The more thirsty you are the better the water tastes rite

Anonymous said...

Do you wanna date my avatar
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And she's hotter than reality by far
Do you wanna date my avatar.

I sing, I sing!

Amit upadhyaya said...

i would surely like to be a victim!!


how cute. real well written. yeah we sure miss out on lotta such encounters. only if life was any easier. :) great thought none the less. hugs :)

dev b said...

been through this so many times...and the name "chance encounters" is perfect...somehw its jus meant to be tht way...no following up on the beautiful evening..nothing!
and at times one doesn mind it either! :)