May 4, 2010

Revelations Within

One more day and it would all come back
And my world will be forever changed,
But my notes and memories, I must pack,
And return to the world where happiness is feigned.

A twisted truth was revealed to me today-
An unanswerable desire to stop seeking further.
Could not fathom why I must not stay,
But to stay on would have led to my soul's slow murder.

What I sought on my way here, I have found.
Over analysis tampered the search for it.
But my peace of mind and joy is unbound
I discovered slowly, bit by bit.

With a free and joyful heart, this place I can now leave,
Having refreshed all my memories, with no more burden to heave.


ritz said...

no seriously.. wow.. like i said.. u practically read my mind on this one. the world rly is a cruel place and often we must return to it... to the worst of conditions... but i guess... the silver lining on this one is tht there is hope and change brings it to us in the funniest of ways...
keep packing

Amit upadhyaya said...

as i said-stay there, if not for an unanswerable desire, then for the sheer brilliance!

kittu said...

i agree with juta man
beautifully written. awesome stuff

Anonymous said...

I really like this one. Especially the line "...where happiness is feigned." RV seems to be making your creative juices flow! :)

Naman Saraiya said...

Such is the twisted world.
And, it's ways.
Duniya gol hai.
But, the deal is.
How we find the world we always seek, within and amidst all the confusion.
The joy. The true one.
Forever and ever.

Trisha said...

well written roni

hariprasadgokul said...

I just realized that for some unexplainable reason...maybe u can explain why... I have been waiting for this one. A take on the address of the blog..., i dont know why, but i feel satisfied... :) This is the least i can say...

live like a king said...

it's real and abstract its a little like pablo nuedo , you have the making of the next Gabriel Marquez ,that is if he was a poet ...

Culture Served Raw said...

My mother is also from India, and I have stumbled upon many Indian writers and I have noticed that many have incredible talents for the written word. Your writing is incredible, as all the comments above me agree.

Great work!