May 3, 2010

Monkey Business

The monkey's shriek of that magnitude brought back a drowned feeling
The feeling of wonder and fascination with nature
In an undisturbed surrounding, I sat and stared
At the sharp teeth, the muscles twitching,
At the anger at the dogs below the tree, impatient.
Its every move made the branches fall on its hopeful perpetrators,
Annoying them further still.

I walked away from the scene with the shrieks fading into the distance.

After all, we humans know who the smarter one is.
And who would prove victorious in the battle.


Megha said...

haha lovely!..reminds me of the monkey in juta n kiran's room which stole the banana peel!...

Trisha said...

Ya.... Also those monkeys stole everything man including my chapals....


this is my favvv...beautiful way to put it across wit a pen and paper. I wouldnt have ever done it. not that i'm good at it anyway. But ur maturity as a writer kinda shows up with every writeup.keep up.

Amit upadhyaya said...


kittu said...

loll reminds me of limpit and pudding hahaha
did u see pudding? it was sarah akkas dog.
loll nice stuff man i miss the old dh. cant believe i had the last lunch in the dh with u guys wen i came fr a visit to see u guys.

sanaya said...

Wonderful at evoking mental images in the mind of the reader.