May 3, 2010

Our last goodbye

A phrase from your poem draws me to write another
Another one amidst the many in your memory.
Our laughs and cries echo under this tree,
As the crickets share their memories with me.
Unable to speak without a voice,
A voice that would once resonate with yours.
My inner voice calls out to you
A plea to be who you used to be...
A boy who would understand and appreciate
A sensible one unperturbed by temptations.
Let me tempt you to hold my hands once more,
Under this special tree on our special bench,
Reliving the memories together
And then return to our own mundane lives.
But one thing would have changed.
Our last goodbye would have been completed.
Rendering us both free.


Megha said...

the 'K' tree memories ro?...its lovely! now i relli want to go back the hills to the trees to lost pond to malli bavi to sid m's new house to the audi and to bodi konda!...for that beautiful swim on the hill! n all the sun bathing there after... :)

madhusudhan said...

man its an amazing poem .... my god rohini i never knew u could write such profound stuff....

dev b said...

i love this poem...
the reason being i can connect it wit a few things in my own life...some things i need to get sorted...a goodbye tht i can say in a better way!
i love the images u paint wit ur words! :)

Trisha said...

I love this Roni

Jolene said...

I love this, even though I don't know the situation, the emotion is so alive that it draws me in.
Keep it up Ro!

kittu said...

aaaaaahhhh i miss those times man
i love the poem too

Shiv Rohira said...

I told you what I think of this.
So now i'm just going to,

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir* said...

its one of my favourite.

Anonymous said...


sanaya said...

I liked the picture. Serene.