May 4, 2010

Beauty within

Beauty lies within the world around me.
Within the shadow of the drooping branch that falls on this paper,
Within the wings of the butterfly, ever so still,
Within the expanse of the hills that surround me,
Within the pollen on the gulmohur lying on the soil,
Within the eyes of the victim, too ashamed to look in the mirror,
Within the heart of the angry sibling, left unattended to when his brother was born.

Search within yourself for that beauty,
And allow it to guide you.


kittu said...

Beauty is complete self-abandonment, a total relinquishing of the self, with all its aches and loneliness, with all its despair and fear. - J.krishnamurthy

Miss Carmel said...

ooh nice:)

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir* said...

i really like this one:)

sanaya said...

Perhaps your best poem so far =)