Jan 1, 2010

The Resolutions

  1. Lose weight/Stay fit,which includes eating healthy food and not a packet of Balaji chips+Puchkas+Maggi everyday
  2. Blog regularly as well as a journal to remember the day's events.
  3. Make life simpler for myself and not complicate matters.
  4. Wake up on time to get breakfast+Do not have a midnight snack
  5. Keep in touch with people from Calcutta and R.V
  6. Give in assignments on time and study for tests at least by Saturday night
  7. READ MORE BOOKS for leisure.I WILL make time for reading!
  8. Be a good girl and not party too much.
  9. Be environmentally conscious-switch off lights and fans,reduce wastage,etc.
  10. Follow these resolutions


aishwarya said...

i share atleast three of them with u. :).

Jolene said...

The last one being the most important :)

Naman Saraiya said...

1, 3 and 5.

Athang said...

add : write blog post about athang jain.

kittu said...

wowwww...... keeping life simple is definately going to be hard and its by far the best one i feel.... ya u shud keep in touch wid me too....reading books for leisure is my fav man. try reading kane and abel by jeffrey archer, ull love it.... even paths of glory is awesome.

sanaya said...

Losing weight seems to be on the top of every girl's list.

Well, so now that its June, where are you on the resolutions?? =P

Rohini said...

@Sanaya, I'm somewhere there, I swear. Hey! It rhymed! :)