Dec 31, 2009

The last post of the year:the summary

And this is it. The last post of 2009. And of this blog.Maybe. Might just get all excited tomorrow morning and start another one. 2009.It’s been a blur. A nice one. Some bad parts to it too,but which year is devoid of that?

January-March: The last 3 months in Rishi Valley. Cherishing the last moments together as classmates. As people who would have to leave the carefree surroundings of school and step out into different colleges to make our own careers. I was the only one who chose Media from my batch.People thought it would be good for me. The class song in the farewell, the farewell speeches, Sid M’s moving speech, the last goodbyes for God-only-knew-how-long and it was over.Went to Bangalore after that for a week to spend time with my aunt and bring in my birthday on the 1st of April(DON’T SAY ANYTHING!) there with Trisha,Suj,Zohair & Abhiroop who came down to celebrate with me.Very special.Thank you guys.

April-May:After a trip to Shantiniketan with friends starts a stressful time where I was filling out application forms,giving entrance exams,got through Jain College but decided not to go,got 102 in the SET and hence,assignments to complete before the GD-PI.

KERALA BASH-Pranati,Madhuri,Kutta,Sabu,Abhiroop,Trilok,Babu,Ronak,and I in Trivandrum,Cochin’s Veegaland(Amazing amusement park!!),Kovalam beach,etc.A really nice time.Then, a few of us went to Bangalore to meet others for Sujay’s birthday.Go-karting,pizzas,champagne,and Dark Knight was involved.A great feeling meeting old batchmates again.And after so long.Visited R.V also and came back with Babu & Arya in the car,making Babu almost miss his train because of miscalculation of how long it would take us to get back.Just did it so I’d get more time with them.

Anyway,after that was the SIMC GD-PI!!That went surprisingly well except for the fact that I injured my toe nail on the very first day.aman helped me out a lot...Had his constant faith that I'd get in and both of us would get into the same 'dream college'. Now I get to mock him on that and use the guilt trip for his having praised this unowrthy college so much.After the GD-PI,the wait.And I got in,to my joy!So all the packing and goodbyes again started.

July-December: COLLEGE. The initiation,the new faces,the excitement,the jealousy,anger,love, hate, gossip, friends, events, food, adjustments, assignment submissions,tests,teachers,parties, the trip to Panchgani, the fights, the make ups, the consoling, the crazy girls’ nights outs, the cheer-up pizza sessions after the evil boyfriend dumps your best friend, the wait for the internship,shopping(being forced to go for it!), everything...was an experience. Including the two swine flu breaks in which I went to Calcutta once and Bangalore the other...It’s been fun!

December: Winter in Calcutta after 5 years...It started off very nice.Walking around the streets of Calcutta with my camera clicking photographs, Victoria Memorial, press invites to talks on climate change just because the speaker had visited Rishi Valley and acknowledged knowing me, the good home food you’d missed while in college, PASTA, time to read, family and friends.Sad things happened too. But it’s all right.

The last week however has been annoying. Viral fever because of the cold air of Tolly 24th night!Ugh!Bedridden,constantly taking pills,stomach aches,phone calls and home visits from friends,no sleep at night,soup. And to make matters worse,being delusional and being a singer in World War 2 one instance and in the other,being on a safari and taking on a buffalo all by myself without any weapons and then being gifted the ability to talk to it and to other animals.Yes,such is life.But my friends kept visiting to make it nicer-Naman,Sreeja, Minnie,Thank you! But I have gotten a chance to really bond with Mummy,which has been a gift in disguise.Delirious as I probably am even now,I could write this blog post and though it’s sad that I’m home on New Year’s Eve while the rest of the world enjoys,I can happily say that in retrospect,it’s been a decent year J Let’s hope the next one is as eventful.Cant’s wait for it to come!!!Till then,So long,farewell!I bid you new Adieu! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Athang said...

i like. :)

Boomer Pie said...

You've done a lot of things and have been a lot of places. Smile as we look forward to a brand new year filled with possibility and opportunity. I just became a follower. Stop by and visit my blog for a change of pace. And follow me if you like.

Naman Saraiya said...

Where the hell am I, in the ENTIRE year?

varsha suman said...

remember this year as the year you met varsha..... ( applause )..... thank you.... thank you!!!

nice post ro!

Trisha said...

Awwwww............. I love you and miss you