Dec 1, 2009

A Salute

The lives of heroes who go to war for their nation. Death in the process. But pride to take back. And many a tales follow about them. Our forefathers.

The venerable sergeant conveyed the order.
The lives of many being downplayed in moments
A shriek fills the air, followed by the mother's wails.
Their lives, quoted as examples, as old mens' tales.


kittu said...

even though it wasnt long and elaborate, it truly captured the essence of the qualities in a hero.

stuff like this will always remind us of the necessity of an army - a peace keeping force.

Although violence is being used to stop violence(ironically), we do not have an option.

Another truly remarkable thing is that all these police officers and army men go to battle knowing clearly that there are more chances of them returning dead than alive - and all this for some unknown fellow country men. That rite there makes them symbols of sacrifice and goodness.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet post! I understand what you mean!

Nitin said...

its kinda sad when i think of it. but some time with the way the cards are laid, doesnt really leave some with any choices. has to be done. and so.