Jan 11, 2010

Too many thoughts these days.
But it's good.
Feels like my brain's actually being put to good use.
Screenplay class was amazing. Like an English & Philosophy class combined. Awaiting more of them!
And I need to start losing weight for my cousin's wedding in February. Gym+Yoga+Aerobics should do the trick. But that's again, a big IF.
I'm bored.
I think I'll sleep early. Never get the chance to.
Assignments can wait.
Good night,world!


kittu said...

loll.... aerobics huh i can so imagine u doing that lol
u luk too gud to luk any better man... seriously. and ya gud that u hav sooo many thoughts becos that means that many important things r going on in life so gud luck with all those things..... i can soo see the 9th grade girl who always dropped her penci box becoming a classy writer hehe

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...


I hope life keeps getting better :-)

Dolph, the author said...

i like this short updates =P

you can visit mine @ to share some of our thoughts

will visit soon again...