Jan 8, 2010

Semester 2

And the second semester in college has begun.
Met my batch mates and my seniors. Felt nice. Feels nice being back to the place I'm trying to make my second home. The room feels good. Coming home to Yashvita & Nitika is a nice feeling. But I don't have my own key to the room yet. Must remember to ask Mrs Atholi tomorrow.
Already having attendance issues. I should've come back to Pune despite my fever. Would've got my attendance for the 7 lectures I've missed so far at least. And many more to be missed for Saarang, the IIT Chennai fest. Can't wait to go for that! Representing my college and being 1 out of the 24 Indians who are chosen for it from all the applications sent in by God knows how many Undergraduates/Graduates from different colleges. :)
Spent time with Naman today. After very long. Felt nice. And also met Nakul. Catching up with old friends is always something that brings a smile,isn't it?
And I've taken down the notes from the 7 lectures I missed in the last 4 days. So I will now know what Shubha Maam is talking about in Radio classes.
Seemingly interesting modules lined up for this semester.
Also received comments on the new haircut that ended up being much shorter than was intended. Positive ones,though. So, it's all good. :D
Let's see how the rest goes.
Need to just be optimistic this year and it shall all go well.
I hope.


nitika said...

hey.. i m sure this will be amazn yr 4 u n evrything vil go well n i m olwaz besides u :) luv ya roomie i missd u a lot <3 u

Shiv said...

You're going to ruin the continuity of my film girl!!!
:P :)
Love you.

kittu said...

everyone has attendance problems man.... its just that some sleepin the class and some do something worthwhile outside..... so ya the imp thing is u took down the notes so u didnt miss the knowledge..... and ppl know that ur a gud student so all ur teachers will help u out so dont let attendance bother u much!

rite now u shud just calm ur mind and search for peace and concentration to focus on the BIG things that r coming up in ur life and most importantly..... put up pics of ur new hairstyleeeee lol

Naman Saraiya said...

All izz well.