May 25, 2009

Who was he?

This is a poem about a very close friend of mine who would think like a very mature person, well beyond his age.He was very unique & different as compared to his friends but he still did have to fit in.I hope he can find the strength to be the him I once knew.

Feeling so intense yet can act not on it.
Shunning society in his mind but adamant to comply.
He sees himself yet will part with the sight,
He knows he can but pretends otherwise.
He may not give in to changes,
He can take things in his stride,
But will not.
She can hope that he holds on to the man she once knew.
A numbing silence follows,piercing the heart.


Anonymous said...

A great piece of work indeed,
the thoughts portrayed in those simple & subtle lines are like emotions wandering for a few words.

Ayesha said...

This is really beautiful :D Simple thoughts simple words..

Rohini said...

Thank you..I like the simplicity because it conveys the message I want to send across to the person it is written for.