May 11, 2009

Confused thoughts

My life is like a soap-it keeps slipping out of my hands! I have no control over my emotions,tears,thoughts,words..nothing!But somehow,this lack of control and feeling of being unaware of what may have been,rejuvenates me.The malice itself,brings an uncertain element to my life.I hate and yet,love,and find the need to have fights in order to bring out my negative points.Jealousy incites in me a certain excitement,which cannot die out in screams far away.I can absorb enough love and yet not feel loved.I'm scared to love so much that it chokes the person.
Some people feel that they are not worthy of being loved and keep trying to connect to their past.We've become passive!Our race should die because we take things for granted but we are not rightful owners of this life!We're submissive creatures in life because we're too scared to fight for it!I question who I am and why I feel such things?!To realize who we really are,we must unmask ourselves before the mask becomes us.Why lead a life of pretense?Why portray that we are not afraid and are strong when our shields were let down ages ago?"Fear is not a bad medicine if felt in the right dosage".

Your time has come to go deeper
Your final journey's just begun
Your destiny chose the reaper
No fear.
Destination Darkness
-No Fear-The Rasmus


ayushma said...

"jealousy incites in me a certain excitement" - so true!

"we must unmask ourselves before the mask becomes us." wow! i think i'm gonna start quoting you. we seem to have so many similar thoughts...

rohini said...

these are not worth quoting!!thats what i love about blogging..everyone can relate to the same feelings but its put in different words by someone else!

Ayesha said...

"To realize who we really are,we must unmask ourselves before the mask becomes us."

I love this line :)