May 25, 2009

Unplanned End

Catch me by the hand before I fall completely into darkness where I can't even see myself,
The path you led me through has left me lost and confused as to which way to go,
You leave me no choice but to keep walking,hoping fot the best and wishing you were here,
Even so,I sometimes wish you were'nt here,
Because you reside in my thoughts,so very clear.
I've dreamt a dream which is far from real,
My fairy-tale ending which I shall never see...
To a glimmer of hope I still hold on,
for what real hope? Those that are gone?
Where did I go wrong and what did I do?
That this fate lies ahead of me,where I am not with you.
Dont answer that question,I must answer it on my own,
I shall some day find the answer,and till then I am alone.


Don Stabler said...

you'll probably still be alone but a whole lot wiser. I kind of figure you never take the easy way.
your writtings ae so interesting
concerning your culter and attitude
towrds what's important even though it's routine fo you. thanks for allowing me to visit. Donnie

rohini said...

Why bother taking the easy way out?! Life is pretty harsh on us all the time..So might as well learn to deal with the shit we gotta go through,right??