Oct 24, 2011

Shopping for the Diwali puja

Rangoli: A treat for the eyes
Diyas of all shapes, colours and sizes for the puja
Ganesh & Lakshmi murtis (idols) on display
The little rui (cotton) seller boy
Incense, roli-chawal, kapur and an assortment of other requisites for the puja
The kheel-batasha prasad (offerings to the Gods)
All these photographs were taken on my phone camera and are therefore, not as clear as I would have liked them to be. Still, they should hopefully capture the essence of the marketplace for all the Diwali puja items. No firecrackers were in that area of the market and so, are not included.


A. K. said...

Love the pics....

Anonymous said...

Hey, where were the pics, but, clicked, you skipped mentioning. Fabulous they are to have been the produce of a cell-camera.

Sivakumar S R said...

One word for the first pic- Vibrant!