Oct 22, 2011

The Moth

I see it outside my window, struggling with all its might to get in. It reminds me an awful lot of myself but the only difference is that it can fly and I can't even though there are days when I wish I could. It is trapped in the outside world while I am trapped inside. But it still has more freedom than me. It wants in; I want out. I may as well admit here that though I do feel liberated, at the end of the day, I do not get the liberation that I seek.

I used to be good at a game of Hide and Seek as a kid. Today, if I hide, I can't look myself in the eye in my own reflection. Today, if I switch off the light so that I can't see the moth any longer knowing that it still is there despite the temporary darkness, I know that it has won and I have lost.


Anurag Kaushik said...

Says a lot...

Desi Babu said...

Well written!

When you are twenty, you envy the moth. Give it a few more years and you will realize that if the moth flew, it only did so because the light attracted it -- and what a fatal attraction it was.

Finding your own light is more important than flying towards one. And, from your extremely well written pieces, it seems to me that you are well on your way. To finding your own light.