Oct 6, 2011

Random Tweets: All in a night's work

These were all tweets over a span of an hour on the night of October 5th. Yes, I was extremely bored.
  • Let it swallow you in, as you lie there waiting. Would you even want to even try and get out? You know and so do I.
  • I wish to learn the language of cockroaches someday. And escape the vindictive wrath of humanity with my fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Plain and simple curiosity. Questions. Answers. Disappointment. Truth. Acceptance. Repeat cycle. The end.
  • You believe in unicorns and expect me to dismiss my beliefs?
  • You switch off the light as you walk inside. I lie there, terrified. It's a rolling sea outside. Don't hold me, you are not mine.
  • Sleepless in a city unknown to mankind. I hope the astronauts get here with the Martian brownies soon. And diet coke!
  • The depth is too much but drowning isn't even an option. Melt. Crash. Reconstruct. Grasp. Twitch. Yelp. Tighten. Stop. Revive.
  • The towel soaks me dry. As does vengeance and pity and loneliness.
  • Beauty is always overplayed or underplayed and never correctly estimated.
  • It doesn't belong to you and never will. Let go. Or could it be that you never knew it all along?
  • You fell asleep and I was numb.I tried to hurt you to awake you but you would not budge.You just lay there silent as before. #footfellasleep
  • It was just a glimpse. But it ended before I even shut my eyes. And without my knowing, someone pressed the Restart button.
  • Draped in the attire you chose, I stand. Hopeless and carefree, a step at a time. They come, they go. Would you care to stay?

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    'Not all those who wander are lost' said...

    Beauty is always overplayed or underplayed and never correctly estimated