Apr 3, 2010

3rd April, 2010.

This is a silly poem I just wrote after a field trip to INS Shivaji(Naval Training & Engineering Establishment) in Lonavala so that I don't forget the day's events, since for a change, I didn't bother taking notes :) (Yes, go ahead and laugh, whoever gets the joke). The rhyming scheme and choice of words doesn't bother me right now because all I wanted to do was write this down while the events of the day are still clear in my mind and then sleep! Here goes nothing!

A bus ride where the manner of sleeping became a joke (I personally found nothing funny in it)
On reaching, a man in blue uniform spoke.
Spoke of the whats and hows and whys
Even during a ship-like simulation ride.
The models, techniques, badges were fascinating,
People walking around or just sitting and contemplating.
A beautiful landscape amidst the hills and the trees,
A dam compensated for the lack of a sea.
Water fights followed, a must have at such a spot.
Enjoyed by all but a few spoilsports.
After we left, a sense of dissatisfaction filled us,
The craving for food arose within us.
A craving that six cups of ice cream could not suffice,
Was satiated by kala khata syrup on ice. (Reference: Golas)
Jokes cracked on sucking the ice stick,
Ended when a boy dropped the ice itself. 
A pitiable waste, I thought. 
Dehydration on the bus ride back,
Too bad, now I'm just going to hit the sack.


Shiv Rohira said...

Good stuff Roho. :)
Stop picking on me on your blog!!

Shubham Shukla said...

Haha! I love the choice of words and the way you've described the events that occured today. But you forget that it's nothing but a Saturday and my night begins with this day's end ;)

varsha said...

lol... nice...

nitika said...

heheh kewl ya ... well written ,, i jus luv d way u write ... n trip ws osum :)

kittu said...

lolll a water fight huh. cool man. niice stuff but i didnt get the joke abt not taking notes. i hardly take notes in class lolll

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. this is sweet :-) good memories, eh? :-)

Anonymous said...

...and we crashed after this for 13 hours!! haaha>>nice way to have described our trip..i might refer to it for my report ahah :P

TeNsEiGa To Me said...

LOL!! we were all laughin at shiv's painful attempts at eating the ice bit, only to drop it in the end...

aishwarya n me, we were lookin from d window n it was like "almost there, he's got it...DAMN!!"

nice one, rohini...!!

Gunther the Iguana said...

'The dam that compensated for the lack of sea.'

I like:)