Apr 20, 2010

Finally, I have written this one for you

This is officially one of the most awaited posts on my blog. By one person. The subject of the post.

Finally, I have written this one for you
The one that will sail our friendship through...
Through the hard day's night,
Despite your not-so-much height.
You're just my Teenage Dirtbag Baby,
Tum Se Hi or Folkie's grapevine done wavy?
I'll always be around when you need to study resistivity,
Rho, and you, my dear friend, shall always be in unity.
The roots of unity you have sat and taught me before exams,
While I, on trains, have taught you how to be a man.
The hugs we have shared have always been funny,
Because they were shared on treks when it was sunny.
As silly as the rhyming seems to be,
This poem means a lot to me.
It is my way of thanking you for the times,
For cupcakes and food and reasons to smile.

I hope you get all the references made in these silly lines and I hope you like it.


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

aww... this is so cute. I am sure he/she would love it :-)

Athang said...

Hahah!! .. amazing.. thanks a lot for this Rho.. even though its a little late.I told you it will come when it has to.. and this is just great..

all the times when we sang.. and no one else wanted to give a damn..
and the number 34 ..that reminds me i need some more..

needless to say, all the lovely food.. just to make our mood,
and the birthday cd's.. :)

Roobarooo.. Rohini!! :P

Thanks for this. Lots of love..,

Shiv Rohira said...

You guys so don't know how to make this subtle with the CUPcapkes and the number 34. ;)
Well written Roho, also you're getting better at rhyming :)

Amit upadhyaya said...

he/she must thank you!!

farouk said...

Its clear that you are talented Rohini :)

Sumi said...

i totally am awed at ur rhyming skills. thats somthng totally out of my league :)

so young and such in-depth writing!

way to go ! (at the risk of sounding cliched) :)

kittu said...

lol soo cute man
i like it

Rahul said...

HI ...very nice piece of work ....Njoyed readin out thrice ....again and again ....got gr8 talent ..long to go ....I m already ur Fan ....Gud luck ....!


awwwww.very very cute one :)