May 18, 2011

What is real beauty?

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I believe it lies in the entire being that is capable of feeling it through the various senses. It is something else to feel a soft silk scarf in your fingers, to smell the rain right before it pours down on you, making the now wet clothes stick to your skin. It is an overwhelming sensation to see a life being born, be it a calf or a human baby. It is overwhelming to see or hear or smell or feel or speak death, the departing of the soul from one state of being to another-another form of beauty. Metamorphosis is beauty. Change, deliberate or natural, is beauty in some convoluted, twisted way to somebody, somewhere.

To listen to the music of beauty helps one transcend to another state of being altogether. When I have witnessed things so majestic that I am left wanting words to be put in my mouth, like a sunset against the snow-clad Alps or a grandparent's last breath as a passage to another life, I feel awe at the presence of something so much bigger than us. It is not God that I refer to but the magnificence and rawness of Nature and everything natural in our existence. We breathe our first breath, we breathe our last breath. The time between the two differs for each individual but the essence of the process does not change.

There is a certain underlying symphony in Nature, the tones and pitches of which vary with life itself. Spring sings a song different than the Monsoon. Day and Night set a different mood The stars are just a blanket of notes enveloping the entire Universe.

For, the music is everywhere. It is in you and me. It is you. It is me. It is the soil, the rainwater, the mud, the worm. It is life. It is beauty, in its most natural form. Raw. Unchanged. Untouched.

This is a submission for an IndiBlogger contest here.


raunak said...

well...this piece ain't less than no beauty! :)

Ashish Anant said...

Beautifully Put Rohini :)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...


Awesome words, and an awesome blog too.

Wish you all the best for the contest. One small request. Mind going through this post and see if it at all qualifies?

Thanks for your time.


Arti said...

Beautifully written article, Touches the heart really! All the Best Rohini:)

Cave Man said...

What a shame! Commenters here sing like cucko with their below average wit. Lol. None of my business though.

Kiddo,beauty lies in the ' blindness' of the beholder. Funny but fact. Further, Why in this dual natured world you should focus your brain on guessing the base of beauty. The base of beauty and its intensity lies in Ugliness. Without ugliness beauty turns out to be insignificant. To know beauty one shall know what is uglyness.

If you ask me what is beauty,physically, is symmetry. Likewise asymmterical is ugliness.


Someone is Special said...

beautiful crisp post.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special

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"The perception of beauty is a moral test."
-Henry David Thoreau

Beauty can be found in everything, just as the scars that surround it and every folds and congealing spots it faithfully tries to hide.

Beauty in itself is an agent to hide our imperfections, beauty makes us whole, and in several cases, defines our very essence. It's the physical transformation- a metamorphosis- for a better us.

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