May 11, 2011

Goa: A photostory

Behold the Church of Our Lady of Rosary, an epitome of Portuguese influence on Goan architecture.

There's just something extremely charming about the doors and windows of Goan houses...

Sit on that rusty ol' chair, watch the rain fall, and sip on some brandy...Or chilled beer if you wish. :)

Walk barefoot on the wet sand and let your feet sink in. Screw the heat! It'll make you feel alive at least!

Pick up something the waters left behind and feel each grain of sand stuck to its body...


Raajii said...

oh beautiful!

Raunak Chhajer said...

clicked by you? lovely captures! :)

Rajesh said...


Beautiful Pics. If your interest is in Photography, I recommend that you plan to get yourself a large aperture SLR.

You can see some examples of pics shot from Large Aperture Cams on one our fellow bloggers site:

Raaji's blogs also have some brilliant photos :)