Mar 16, 2014

/not yet/

Hate the world you live in
Beat it black to death
Put it in a suitcase
Throw it off your head

Smash, Lick, Swoosh
Boom, Slam, Bang
Take a drop of heaven
Let it soak into your tongue

Cast ‘em menacing looks around
From left to right and back
Don’t listen when they start talking
Turn your back to them and walk

Watch your shoulders drooping
Can you feel the confusion’s weight?
Sin away to your heart’s content,
Don’t blow your brains out just yet

We’ve got the last leg left to go
Do you see the abyss ahead?
All the way down and deeper still
Till the puppet master’s dead

1 comment:

Wo0ps1e said...

Each and every effin' sentence got that beyond Godlike meaning and you can find/feel it here, in Rohini's blog only. (Y)