Apr 10, 2013


I see you sitting there wearing your black full-sleeve shirt. It doesn't look spectacular but it isn't too bad. I know you’re hiding your paunch under all those extra layers. We all do.

You have your hands on your mouth as if wondering why the three boys came and chose to sit next to you when all the aisles behind were free. And now you seem bothered by the four ladies behind you, giggling away to glory as they pass the camera from one person to the other so that no one feels left out.

You adjust your spectacles. I think that’s your best feature. Other than the fact that you were reading a book and came alone for a play, of course. You are like me, except I am you at gigs. And I sure know how much fun it is to experience what you are experiencing. I think.

May I please borrow your book? Any reading material will do right now.

I don't really know you, but I hope we meet again.


TS said...

Well written. Perhaps a little mature for a 20-year old though.

TS said...

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Don't really venture into the blogosphere much now.