Dec 19, 2012

We never learn

Temptation, it happens to everyone.
Temptation, wipe that smile off your face.

We never learn. We're supposed to pick up where we left off and NOT err again. It's like a flow chart in front of you giving you a clear path. And yet, to spice things up or just to be the fuckers that we are, we pick the road less travelled. There's no realization that it's the scarier path to walk on. But we still do it.

Stop kidding yourself. He does not look at you, does not show any sort of feelings to be with you, conveniently ignores messages that reveal how attracted you are to him. But just accept that he's not that into you. He may have been telling himself that he is, that poor delusional fellow.

Grow the fuck up. Stop kidding yourself.

Nothing is ever finished.

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