Feb 25, 2012

The Music Scene psychoanalytical test

This is a psychoanalytical test I want to do using this video with anyone willing to give it a try. Play the Blockhead video. Understand it under the influence of _ (shhh) and look to the right of screen or maybe, down. In an ideal situation, whatever the brain understands will be tapped by a machine connected to the brain that writes out what you think. I wish some brilliant person invents such a machine someday that understands the syntax of the human mind with relation to English and gradually, other languages as well. This experiment would be the basis of a psychological method of understanding how each person's brain perception of different parts of a whole. This video looks to have a different storyline if you see it from each corner separately. Hence, if you could tap in on how the brain reacts to it by seeing it from the 4 directions, there would be matter in hand in the form of text as to what our mind is thinking at every corner.

Since there's no such machine for me to carry on this experiment. Do the activity & comment on this blog post and let me try and come to some conclusions of this test using that information.


kittu said...

I wasnt under the influence of anything while doing this so im not sure if the experiment will be accurate.

I felt that the video was initially indicating how much humans rely on technology and are having lesser opportunities to be able to think creatively and without the influence of technology(and media). Then it showed all the animals in the world being glued to a TV and how it is undoing everything that they were and changing them significantly. This made me feel that the TV was representing desire; the feeling that would undo us all. And then the video went on to show the effect desire has on everything and how it siezes control of everything that is happening. And then you see men on TV flushing their brains out so as to symbolise a decrease in intelligence maybe.... and everything combines to a giant human watching a huge TV and being broken into pieces. I felt that that showed how no living thing with brains is totally different and that there are some basic similarities in all. Then towards the end u see a human body with a TV for a head and then the body collapses and the TV gets destroyed.... showing how desire needs a human for it to stay alive. And in the end u see a multicoloured deer watching the whole thing... probably indicating how some animals will survive such madness.
Dont know if this was what you wanted and it all sounds crazy i know... but this was how my mind interpreted it.

Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay said...

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Anonymous said...

it is fun to watch it :D :D :D