Dec 21, 2011

The winding, chilly path to Peace

Everybody has to agree that they have those one or two saying or words that they swear by. I'm not going to quote others on their 'driving words' in life because I'm trying this thing called 'writing' and not 'reporting' after a very long time. This basically involves me writing down my own thoughts and not using others' quotes to string a couple of coherent words together in the inverted pyramid format.

For me, I picked up on Carpe diem for example, after watching Dead Poets Society. It means 'Seize the day' in Latin, which is just to say that one should live in and for the moment to make their life extraordinary. It's so simple and yet so hard to actually adopt into your life. Trust me.

And then, I found two other lines that I currently swear by - two contradicting beliefs that have left me conflicted with myself of late. I used to live by #1 for a long time. And only as recently as last week, I heard about #2, which is when the whole self conflict began.

#1 - "Happiness is only real when shared." That's a quote by Christopher McCandless, the guy whose life has been portrayed in Into The Wild. It's a film everybody has to watch though it could be viewed as something silly to have done in the first place or too idealistic. That's your perception and I'll leave you to that. R.I.P Alexander Supertramp (which is what Chris calls himself in it.) Also, read the book by Jon Krakeur tracing back McCandless' life before or after you're done with the film. It's actually one of those rare films which is as good, if not better than the book. If you have time, read my other longer post on it actually - click here.

#2 - "Something is yours and yours alone till you share it with someone else." After that, it becomes somebody else's. That's a quote Parvathy Baul gave me when I was interacting with her for an article. It makes so much sense. I don't even know what context she spoke about it that evening. But the next morning when I woke up, that was the only thought on my mind.

So that's my life in short. A very very rough sketch.

But this morning, I experienced a convergence point. I visited Nandi Hills to watch the sunrise from the top. I was just moved by the amount of awe and wonder that Nature can create in a person. It truly was the perfect sunrise. A morning of frozen fingers, one rupee chai on the road, foggy winding roads, silhouettes and that perfect sunrise. And then it struck me. My little moment of epiphany: The happiness had been shared because I would suggest others to visit the place after me; but that experience would always be mine because that sunrise would never be seen and felt by any other soul in this vast universe the way I did. And I was at peace.

I purposely chose the blurry picture to leave that sunrise as just that for you, someone who wasn't there.


Anonymous said...

Reading your thoughts and seeing the two swear lines put into big bold letters only makes this clear to me... whatever it is, sharing seems to be important... Happiness in Supertramp's case, or anything at all as the other person seems to suggest... guess it is a basic need for us to share... and to find "the person" to share it with..

astralgrandeur said...

Have no idea how i landed on your blog,
May be its luck or may be its the destiny making a hault,
I glanced, I scrolled,
Raised my eyebrow and then i stopped,
#1 and # 2..made me smile,
I went down the memory lane and wandered in those again for a while,
Happy was I and everything looked so real,
I shared it only with her but it ended up surreal,
Beautiful were those days,
Strong were those bright cheerful rays,
It was another world,
Hardly I happiness had entered a whirl,
Days passed and months breezed,
And with a sudden blink my happiness freezed,
I tried my best, to bring it back,
Got my mental strength my self respesct sacked,
I cried..I howled,
but to no effect,
I wondered..i pondered,
How and why couldn't the situation be dealt,
I invested my energies,
I invested my soul,
I tried my best to undo the time..that had rolled,
But "my feelings are dried" is all she said,
Melting my feelings on a hot toast of bread,
"It doesn't to matter me..whateva u said.."
"Move on is the path I would like you to tread.."
Lost me..was in shock for a while,
Couldn't decode her demeanor that had suddenly turned vile,
I paused, I halted..and reached a conclusion that was unbias,
Happy is she today and in a poor state of mind am i..
'Happiness looks real only when shared....
But something lost...the moment it's paired.'

- The new & the last

Tarang Sinha said...

Nice post:)

Ruby Claire said...
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Arjun said...

I think I have now read all your blogs starting from Jan'13 till this one and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all and to think I found this blog through 8tracks is something else. Love your writings and your musical taste(specially the '..contemporary india..' playlist)
PS - Recently caught Peter Cat (not sure if they were in your playlist) and Sulk Station in Bangalore!
Anyway if you want to share some songs which I should be listening, please drop a shout at: