Dec 16, 2010

My Yearly Affair With Winter

Christmas is right around the corner and the chill in the air envelopes me almost like a hug as I welcome Winter.
 I love these two guests who visit every year around this time! Christmas is always punctual and arrives at the same date, but Winter, who loves chilling, comes whenever he feels like. He is forgiven, however, because he never fails to bring a smile to my face. I get to go shopping for new warm clothes and take out my woolen sweaters and all the jackets from the cupboards.
 I forgot to mention-he can be quite a sleaze! He'll come very close and blow his cold breath into your ears, on your neck, all over. This is just the reason why the warm, thick extra layers must adorn your body and tempt him. But other than that the occasional flirting, he is decent. He visits for around two months a year, and thanks to him, bonfires,the badminton games, garam chai, pakodas, and glasses of brandy in the evening become a frequency.
With these in your life, could you really complain about this visitor,regardless of however long he intends to stay?
With other guests, maybe.
Not this one. ;)


Amit upadhyaya said...

Quite a suitor there for you!
nice one.

Akanksha Arya said...

Great idea!
Well done child. :D

subtlescribbler said...

haha..creatively put up! well the love for winters is so much tht 'he' being a permanent member wont hurt even :)

PS: great to find another 19yr old blogger out here, though i m a newbie here! :D


Anonymous said...

i love winters.
and how well you've written this.

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

ha ha creativity over here in your post ....keep going !!

plz visit my blog also.....!!

Jai hO Mangalmay hO

jaydantara2 said...

Your writings are sensuous. Loved this one :)

Bard, The 'Cockeyed' said...


Greetings, Winter Lover.
The Bard enjoys his Winters too. If not for His often frozen testicles and little too runny nose, why, He could almost say He loves his Winters much as you do.

Well, much said, The Bard would say that though you lack that Old Flair that He is so familiar with, you sure do have a girlish playfulness to your weave of words. He would even go so far as to say that He finds your writing faintly, uhm, howcanHeputit, arousing let's say.

He finds in you potential.
Tap it.
All luck, Winter Lover.

Bard's regards.