Nov 5, 2010

Diwali in Bangalore

There could be an escapist angle to this trip too but more than anything, it's the need for a change of scene. As much as I love Nila, Megha and Varsha, I needed time apart from people in general. From the room where I could do what I wanted for the upcoming week to a space that I had to try to take mine while abiding by certain norms. It worked. Things can go really wrong when one ponders more than is required. And besides, my true love, Hot Chocolate Fudge from Corner House beckoned me. It even wrote me a love letter recently asking me to come visit. Couldn't resist. So there I was, asleep on the flight before it even took off, and soon paying 900 bucks to get to my aunt's place.

It felt nice seeing her face and meeting my other aunt (s) and cousins. The sad part was that the workload followed me till here and that my laptop was being used to compile module notes rather than watch movies on. However, the Gilmore Girls obsession started soon after the notes were submitted, much to my delight. Season 4 episode 19/22 is where I am. Ahhh! Such is life. Sujay, Trisha and Sreeja were highlights of my trip! Also, Shubham with his driving me back home. Hot Chocolate Fudge featured in all of the above! And the shopping...Cruel as it may be to one's pocket, it is not as bad as I thought it was. Jeans, Shampoos, four tops, 3 pairs of chappals, banana chips, filter coffee, Subway, Pasta with Deepika Padukone consuming wine behind me. All very nice! No guilt :)

The place is warm but cold. Home is home. This is a home away from home and the warmth from the diyas at home can't be matched up to. But this is good. It IS still family. And that's what brought me here.

Happy Diwali, whoever ends up reading this post! :) May you have a bright and cracker-free safe Diwali!


Bastab said...

Ah! Feels good. I'm also away from home, and worse, there's no home-away-from-home, unlike you. Friends fill up the void, as always.

PsycheBubbles said...

yeah, this time around Diwali @ bangalore wasnt a nightmare for me like last year, all alone and louder than hiroshima!!!

No guilt indeed! :)

Farcenal said...

Grrr, you have made me nostalgic/ravenous for HCF now! There is a corner house right down the street from me, which I now regret not going to more often!