Oct 10, 2010

The magic of food

In our grandparents' days, meals were so simple and innocent...A conversation between my Nani and Nana took place over dinner:
Nana(whispers into my ear): Now I'll get my ice cream and she'll ask for a little bit and eat 90% of it, leaving me with the 10% like she's doing me a favor! 
Nani(notices the whispering): I know he's telling you that I eat his food. On the other hand, when I am ordering something, he'll say No a good ten times. When the dish arrives, he'll agree to 'try' it and finish it off.
Nana(waiting to see if Nani returns the bowl): See, I told you she'll eat it all up! I'm going on becoming slimmer and she's just getting fatter. :)
It was just delightful seeing them this way. It was so young and childlike. It's a nice concept to wait till the husband gets back from work and eat with him, for the girl to cook(once in a while!), to eat something that you didn't order but want from your partner's plate...Food really does have some magic to it! 


The Narcissist said...

You're spot on about the magic in food...something I discovered during my bachelor days, staying with friends. Cooking is a joy in itself and so is sharing the table with close ones. I love eating with my daughter...its so touching when she picks out cucumber pieces from her salad and puts them in my plate...sh knows I love cucumber. :)

ɳɪα said...

Aww! :D
Something that brought a smile to my face.

Titaxy said...

how cute was that :)

Anonymous said...

that was really sweet indeed :) I love eating with mom.. never like eating alone..

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

wahho such a sweet writing !!

Keep going!!

Seema said...

Good food always makes me happy :)

I remembered the day we met at the Pani Puri stall. :)